Winners and losers of a stormy DeFi week

A lot has happened in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector again this week. From flash loan attacks, hacks to the manipulation of price oracles, everything was there.

After seeing huge gains last week, the Bitcoin Evolution sector is now having to take it. The DeFi tokens Aave (AAVE), Synthetix Netowrk (SNX), YearnFinance (YFI) all crashed by more than 13 percent and even the UNI token from Uniswap corrected by 10 percent.

The „ETF-Token“ DeFi Pulse Index, which is a good indicator for the general development of DeFi token prices, also lost more than 15 percent.

Tokensets: DPI Course

Still, the total capital deposited in the decentralized finance sector saw only a slight decrease from $ 13.54 billion to $ 12.6 billion. This development suggests that the majority of investors are still convinced of the potential of the DeFi sector. It seems that investors are not putting too much pressure on them and are still actively using DeFi protocols.

Hackers attack the DeFi platform Pickle

Another day, another DeFi hack. Pickle went haywire this week, and the log lost more than $ 20 million . The team does not want to announce how this happened so far. In addition, the 20 million DAI tokens are still unaffected on the addressof the hacker. It is also currently unclear. whether the security problem could be resolved. Since the hack was announced, Pickle has suffered a 36 percent decline in share price.

Flash loan attack on price oracle

Cheese Bank, another Ethereum DeFi project, fell victim to a flash loan attack on Monday. Flash loans are loans in which a user borrows money without having to provide security. This makes it possible to exert leverage without risking your own capital. There is only one condition – users have to repay the Flash Loan in their loan within the same transaction.

With a flash loan, the attacker was able to manipulate the price oracle of Cheesebank by creating an arbitrage situation through which he was able to loot a total of 3.3 million US dollars. A discussion broke out in the crypto community. Many criticized that this vulnerability could have been avoided if Cheesebank had used a decentralized rate oracle. After all, decentralized price oracles like Chainlink’s are not as easy to manipulate as centralized price oracles.

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